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Important Notes

  • It is most effective to juice on an empty stomach
  • Using organic fruits and veggies are the best option
  • Juicing makes it very easy for your body to absorb nutrients as opposed to eating the produce, since there is no break-down process involved.  It is as if you are feeding your body the already digested nutrients it needs.


Juicing's countless benefits

Juicing is one of the most effective ways for your body to nourish and heal itself.  Many fruit and vegetable combinations offer life-saving benefits and can bring anyone to a new-found state of health.  Juicing has been known to boost the immune system and fight off diseases from the littlest ailment to diabetes and cancer.  There are many reasons to juice.  Some include to:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Gain energy
  3. Rid your body of toxins
  4. Reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol
  5. Alleviate allergies
  6. Hydrate the body
  7. Absorb vitamins and minerals quickly
  8. Reduce the speed of aging for skin and organs

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