Get Balanced

Feeling the world's synergy of humanity and nature, positive thinking and positive execution of your ideas, affirmations, clarity, stress-relief, and paying it forward.  Putting out into the world what you want in return.


Get Nourished

Things your body will benefit from such as
eating nutrient-rich, higher-density, chemical-free,
home-grown foods as well as juicing techniques,
​and physical activity.  


Get Educated

Things to watch, read, and discuss.
Open your mind to a new way of thinking
so you can learn and grow.  Spread the 
​valuable information.

DOCUMENTARY: Gerson ​Therapy,​ a cure for cancer

BOOK:  A plant-based way to health

LECTURE:  What's wrong with the way we eat

DOCUMENTARY:  Dangers and Facts of GMOs

LECTURE: How your body's 2 brains work together

BOOK: A practical plan to reverse and prevent disease

WORKOUT: An anti-stress Yoga sample

LECTURE: A compromise for Vegetarianism

DOCUMENTARY: A scientific way to explain stress

AFFIRMATIONS: Positive words to repeat to yourself

DOCUMENTARY: Making your life the way you want

BOOK: How to not let things get to you