Charles Louis Rosario on route to pyramids in Teotihuacan, Mexico


How to live a positive and peace-inspired life

Our minds and our bodies are intrinsically connected to one another.  This means that we cannot obtain a healthy life-style until we practice equal importance to both as we grow. We need to fuel our bodies as we nourish our minds so they can work together and bring out our inner peace.

Feeling less stress stems from taking care of ourselves.  This includes how we treat and what we physically put into our bodies as well as how we educate and feed our brains.   Try to start with these daily:

  1. Watch or read something that makes you laugh
  2. Give yourself at least 15 minutes a day for YOU like yoga or reading
  3. Create a grateful list by listing all the small (and big) things you are grateful for
  4. Do something for someone else- BONUS points for doing it for a stranger
  5. Read and reread a positive affirmation and believe it!
  6. Educate yourself about your health.  You could choose to watch 1 video clip a night from this site
  7. MOVE- take a walk, do yoga, stretch
  8. Feel and act as though you are blessed
  9. Put out into the world what you wish to recieve

Important Notes

  • There are both physical and mental benefits to Yoga
  • Follow these steps and you will inadvertently become a healthy and happy role model for your children
  • Posting your affirmation on your bathroom mirror or the front door before you walk out of the house will make it easier to remember to read it out loud at least once daily

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